Rolig Zombie Skräck Bomull Tygkassar 300694149

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    • Rolig Zombie Skräck Bomull Tygkassar 300694149
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    • Midjeväska med 4 fack i slitstarkt nylon - L-Silk 289481424
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Why do you have a plain tote bag when you can bring your belongings in the original one for which everyone will turn?

We love making art with all kind of hand painting techniques to create cute and unique designs, which I’m sure you will adore. The designs are later transferred into digital form with a high quality scanner which is capable to mark every brush and pen stroke with unparalleled accuracy.

Making such a wonderful design would be pointless if it’s printed on a low-quality tote bag. That’s why we use only high quality tote bags made of cotton which will surely carry your belongings. To be sure that the colors are sharp and vibrant, designs are printed with high quality ink. It’s the best way to get every brush stroke and pen mark on a tote bag to look close as much as possible to the original design.

We’ll send your unique tote bag to your address as soon as possible, so it can become your perfect match for long walks through the city.

We are sure you will love it and if you have any questions please contact us!

Rolig Zombie Skräck Bomull Tygkassar 300694149